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Operating out of an 1920s industrial warehouse building, East Room’s 60,000 square foot venue is neatly tucked away in Toronto’s East End.

Through various programming initiatives, East Room connects work, leisure and culture to establish a dynamic community and environment. The space allows members to develop within a diverse, hand selected group rooted in various industries, providing a platform for the members-only network to collaborate, share ideas and grow alongside each other.

As one of the premiere co-operative work environments in the city of Toronto, East Room is poised for dramatic expansion throughout their home city and eventually elsewhere.

The Space
2 Serviced Work Lounges
3 Serviced Kitchens
Designated Quiet Work Spaces
Printing, Copying, and Scanning
Complimentary Tea and Coffee
5 Bookable Boardrooms
Break Out Rooms
Conference Phones
Projectors and TV screens
Internet and Cable
Don's Food and Wine



$100 per month

Mailing address.


Starting at $250 per month

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our fully-serviced open work lounges and common areas
  • 6 hours of boardroom booking time
  • Mailing address
  • Access to internal programming
  • Our Club Membership also includes access to our international partners' spaces, viewable here.

Resident I

$650 per month

  • Semi-private personal workspace with a desk, chair and lamp
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our fully-serviced open work lounges and common areas
  • 50 hours of boardroom booking time
  • VPN
  • Mailing address
  • Access to cultural programming.
  • Our Resident I Membership also includes access to our international partners' spaces, viewable here.

Resident II

Starting at $3200 per month

  • 2-5 person enclosed office fully equipped with chairs, desks and lamps
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our fully-serviced open work lounges and common areas
  • 100 hours of boardroom booking time
  • VPN
  • Mailing address
  • Access to cultural programming
  • Our Resident II Membership also includes access to our international partners' spaces, viewable here.

Resident III

Starting at $3200 per month

  • 5+ person enclosed office fully equipped with chairs, desks, lamps and additional furniture
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our fully-serviced open work lounges and common areas
  • 150 hours of boardroom booking time
  • VPN
  • Mailing address
  • Access to cultural programming
  • Our Resident III Membership also includes access to our international partners' spaces, viewable here.


Starting at $200 per hour

Our five fully equipped boardrooms are available for external bookings based on availability. In-house catering services and more available. Please inquire for further details.



50 Carroll Street
Toronto Ontario
M4M 3G3

+1 (416) 628-5333

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General Inquiries


Our dynamic community of members includes some of the city’s most innovative minds

Carlene Higgins

Freelance beauty & style writer, co-creator of the Breaking Beauty podcast

Karolina Loboda

The White Room Inc Branding and Art Direction


Room Service — Quarterly music performance series

Room Service is where top emerging talent can be exposed to a carefully curated list of Toronto’s diverse community. This is a platform that allows rising artists exposure to a carefully curated Canadian market. In the past, we have featured Daniel Caesar, Nick Hakim, KhruangBinQuanticA.CHALJesse Boykins III,  MeLo-X, Badbadnotgood and more.

The space compliments intimate events, perfect for our select audience. The delegates are a combination of our community of Members as well as interested A&R’s, record label execs, industry insiders, fellow artists, family and friends.

Presented in partnership with
Proudly sponsored by

Past Events

Business Builders
— Monthly business development workshops
Proudly sponsored by

Our co-working space creates an environment for Members to collaborate and build with one another. In order to provide our members with tools and platforms to assist in developing their brands and ideas, East Room Member Jill McAbe hosts a monthly business strategy workshop.

Jill has put together a series of topics aimed to help Members grow and understand the different perspectives that active leadership can bring to the table. Jill owns and operates a strategy company for business development. She also features guest speakers alongside herself in this series.

Suggestions for topics? Email!

Work Well
— Health and wellness learning sessions

We know it gets busy. Work Well is an opportunity for our Members to take a short period of time out of the month and reconnect with themselves with the guidance of The Well Woman, Tonya Papanikolov and other featured speakers. This series aims to provide insight and knowledge on how to care better for oneself and the world around us.

Suggestions for topics? Email!

Meet the Member
— Getting to know our Members
Proudly sponsored by

Meet the Member is a monthly social hosted by East Room that features our Members, new and old. Members are provided with a platform to share a bit about themselves and their work while enjoying an evening of community and winding down, catered by Don's Food and Wine.

Nike Run Club
— Weekly guided runs and workouts
Proudly sponsored by

In order to give our members support in all aspects of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, East Room has partnered with Nike Running to present East Room’s Nike Run Club. Every week, our members participate in guided runs throughout the Riverside neighbourhood. East Room’s NRC provides the necessary mental and social reset to keep our members’ ideas and blood flowing! Once a month, our neighbours and fellow runners are invited to join us for monthly public runs and post-run socials in the first floor lounge.


Nike Run Club: Myodetox HIIT + Post-Run Social

December 17, 2018 — 6:34
We are excited to announce that East Room's NRC will be expanding programming! In addition to running, this weekwe will be facilitating a HIIT workout with Myodetox Performance. Members are welcome to bring guests to this event. Note that spaces are limited and RSVP is required.
This event is Members Only, please log in to RSVP.
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Digital Radio Shows

The East Room Digital Radio Show is an hour long monthly mix created for us by Munich based record label, Public Possession.

Membership Information & Policies

Membership Information

Entry and Access

East Room Members have 24/7 access to the workspace. Reception is open from 9AM-5PM Mondays through Fridays.

All guests are required to sign in at reception upon arrival and must be accompanied by the hosting Member at all times. Members must retrieve guests from the reception area. Coat check is available at reception for Members and guests.

Members are permitted two guests in the space at at time.  All guests are required to sign in at reception. Members may not have the same guests in the space more than twice a week. Exceptions for extended guest lists may be made on a case-by-case basis with 24 hours notice. Any more than two guests at a time will be considered a special request and must be approved by East Room personnel.

Network and Printing

Please sign into our East Room network with your provided specific network log in credentials.  Once on our network, you will be able to connect to our printers. They are IP printers. It is important to install the correct driver for your specific device.

First Floor Printer:

Second Floor Printer:

If you have any trouble connecting to either of these services, please see reception for assistance.

Boardroom Bookings and Catering

All meetings of 4 or more people must be contained to a boardroom. Boardrooms can  be booked online through our website with your individual log in credentials. 

East Room's exclusive in house caterer is Don's Bread and Wine. Inquire with reception for more information.

Mail Services

Reception is available to receive and pass on outgoing mail. All incoming packages will be held for 48 hours. We ask that members promptly pick up items delivered to the space. Any unclaimed mail or deliveries will be returned to the sender after 30 days.

When leaving outgoing items at reception, please ensure that a courier has been scheduled prior to dropping off the item at reception. We will require the courier details to accept the item at the front desk.

Event Bookings

East Room is available for event bookings on a case-by-case basis.  All inquiries can be directed to

Audio Levels

Please maintain a respectful noise level in the communal areas. Specific quiet work  areas include west windows on both floors,  the library, second floor harvest table and  the second floor lounge beside Boardroom 2.


General parking for East Room Members is available in the lower lot at the North side of the building. Parking spaces with a single “East Room” sign are available for use.

Street parking is available on Carroll and the streets parallel. There is  also a Green P lot at Queen and Broadview.

Lost and Found

Any unclaimed personal items found in the space will be donated after 30 days.

Cultural Programming

As a space that connects work, leisure and culture, East Room has built out a multitude of cultural programming initiatives to engage and develop our Members. These programs range from art to health and wellness, business workshops, educational talks, musical performances and more. East Room Members are privy to attending all internal programming, RSVP is available online - be sure you’re logged in to see all Members-only event postings.

Our programs include but are not limited to Business Builders, Work Well, Nike Run Club, Room Service and Meet the Member. These programs are an opportunity for Members to learn, grow, interact and build in both formal and informal environments alongside each other.


As a part of the local community, East Room has created strategic partnerships with some of our neighbouring businesses in the city. The Affiliates program extends unique pricing to our membership base, creating access points throughout the city for our Members to enjoy at an advantage. Affiliates listed online. Members must be logged in to access preferred rates.

Member Features

Proud of or diverse membership base, East Room is always looking to showcase and connect our Members with each other and other strategic partnership opportunities. We feature new Members monthly online and on our Instagram page. We love sharing your achievements and are happy to post these on our media outlets as well.

Meet the Member

East Room also hosts a monthly program called Meet the Member that all Members are encouraged to take part in both with attendance and hosting. Please send any information or Member feature interest to

Access Card Policy

Do not permit others to gain access through the doors when using your card access.

Do not loan or give your card to anyone. Only the assigned cardholder has East Room access privileges and the cards are activated on an individual account basis, associated to members’ names. Anyone found giving their card to another individual will lose access privileges.

Building Access Information:

  • Upon receipt of the contract and access card for which you have signed, this card gives you 24/7 and holiday access to East Room.
  • Your guests are required to sign into the log book at the reception desk, indicating the time and your name.
  • Do not leave guests unattended under any circumstances.
  • In case of an emergency, East Room personnel must to be able to notify fire and police units responding to the emergency call of how many people are in the building.
  • When exiting the building make sure the doors close and lock before you walk away from the building.

When entering East Room:

  • Tap the access card to the access card panel at the main entrance doors. Upon entering through the glass door, please have guests sign in.
  • Do not enter through the North East stairwell.
  • Do not enter through the South West loading dock.
  • Do not try to access any other floors except your designated floor(s).
  • Do not go behind the reception desk. Access to mail and deliveries is available only when East Room personnel are available to assist you.

Lost Cards:

If you lose your card or have trouble using it, please email immediately or call 416 628 5333.

Access to East Room comes with responsibilities which are necessary for the safety of the individual and the building. Members are not to:

  • To not bring in pets, bicycles, skateboards and roller blades as they are not permitted for use in East Room.
  • To be respectful of the working environment at East Room and adjust voice and additional noise levels accordingly.
  • To not block, prop open or obstruct in any way the front door, elevator door, stairwell door or any other entrances to the building as this is a breach in security.
  • To not permit others to gain access with your card.
  • To not loan or give your card to anyone.
  • When accessing the doors to wait for them to close and lock completely upon entering and or exiting the building.
  • To stay out of any unauthorized areas and areas which could be of any safety concern.
  • To not sleep overnight at East Room.
  • To evacuate the building when required (fire alarm, power outage, per a security request, etc.)
  • To follow all East Room rules and policies
  • To call 911 and alert East Room personnel immediately if there is a problem or emergency.

Most importantly: Do not jeopardize your personal safety.

If you see an intruder attempting to forcibly enter the building or you notice any suspicious behaviour, report it immediately. Do not approach any suspicious characters on your own.

Fire Alarms:

  • When fire alarms sound and emergency lights are flashing, please evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion.
  • Do not waste valuable time collecting belongings.
  • Please walk immediately to the exit stairwells.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Upon exiting the building, gather across the street from the building as a safety measure.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the fire department has given you permission to do so.
  • Do not try to silence the alarm yourself. The alarm company will automatically respond.
  • Fire equipment may not be removed or tampered with. It is against the law to block fire exits and/or to obstruct passage tot he outside (i.e. working in the stairwells and storing large equipment).

In case of a plumbing failure (i.e. flooding), broken windows or other emergencies, contact reception immediately at 416 628 5333.

Please note: You must have your building access card on you at all times. if a security guard is doing their security checks, you must provide your access card as requested. If you cannot produce your card, you will be asked to leave the building should the check be unable to verify your identity (this is outside of office hours).

There is absolutely no smoking permitted inside the building. Smoking or using illegal substances in East Room will constitute immediate grounds for membership termination.

It is strictly forbidden to set up any power tools and/or electrical appliances, other than those already provided by East Room (refrigerators, microwaves, etc.)

Do not move furniture, hang items from the ceiling, lighting fixtures, sprinkler pipes, paint walls, put tape on painted surfaces or remove or damage equipment.

Do not change any existing facilities arrangements without the permission of East Room personnel.

All trash must be placed in the appropriate receptacles. All personal belongings and projects must be confined to the area of your work space; East Room is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be responsible of your personal belongings. Please keep all aisles free and clear. This is necessary for your safety.

East Room is not responsible for personal equipment losses because of theft, power surges, etc. If items are stolen please report this immediately to the reception desk or

Departing members are expected to leave the workspace is clean and orderly condition.

All members who have picked up access cards have agreed that they have reviewed and understand the security procedures outlined in this agreement and agree that they will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth.

Exclusive Vendors
East Room has exclusive vendors for catering, security, cleaning, florals and reception. Please inquire with reception for more details.
Photo and Video Shoots
As East Room is a shared workspace, we make a strong effort to ensure that all Members are comfortable with equal access to the building. There are no photoshoots between the hours of 9AM-5PM Mondays through Fridays. All photoshoots must be approved 1 business day in advance by East Room personnel. This includes both small and large scale photoshoots. Requests can be sent to Anything requiring filming and/or a crew size of more than two must be formally booked through
Membership Holds and Closures
Membership Holds
  • If an East Room Member would like to pause their Club Membership Agreement, they may do so by the 15th of the month prior.
  • Club Memberships on hold will be reduced to $35.00/month. East Room will continue mail reception and notification services.
  • Any months that a Membership is on hold will not count towards the term in your Membership Agreement.
  • Club Membership Holds may not exceed three consecutive months.
  • After three months, the membership will be closed and registration fees will be charged to restart the account.
Membership Closures
  • Once an agreement term has been fulfilled, East Room Memberships will automatically go month to month.
  • East Room requires two full months notice to close a Membership, including to close the Membership at the end of the initial term signed for. Full details available in your Membership Agreement.
Space Map


As a part of the local community, East Room has created strategic partnerships with some of our neighbouring businesses in the city. The Affiliates program extends unique pricing to our membership base, creating access points throughout the city for our members to enjoy.

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