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Access to East Room

Each East Room Member is issued an RFID security card for access to the building and additional functions. Cards are distributed by reception and require a $50.00 security deposit.

All lease holders and/or occupants must have their own RFID access cards and keys to Resident II offices. Reception will only open offices for lease holders. Should you lose your card, please report it immediately to

See here for East Room Access Card Rules and Policies.

Guest Policy

Members are permitted two guests in the space at at time.  All guests are required to sign in at reception. Members may not have the same guests in the space more than twice a week. Exceptions for extended guest lists may be made on a case-by-case basis with 24 hours notice.

Any more than two guests at a time will be considered a special request and must be approved by East Room personnel.

Members must be in attendance with guests at all times. This includes boardroom use, breakout room use and communal space. Guests may not be granted access to the facilities until the member is present. Each member is responsible for the conduct and etiquette of their guests and must ensure that all guests strictly abide by East Room policies.


All meetings larger than four people must be held in a boardroom. Any meeting or gathering exceeding the capacity of a boardroom (12 people) is considered an event and must be formally scheduled with

Please respect all the private events that are held at East Room by refraining from communicating any information to third parties. We may at times close areas of the building for private events. Members may request to hold private events at

Boardroom Bookings

Boardrooms are available to members 24/7. Booking is available through the East Room website in intervals of two hours. Extended bookings must go through East Room personnel. Boardrooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Bookings must be cancelled if you will not be using the space. If three bookings are missed, standard East Room booking rates will be charged for the hours the room was left vacant.

Food and Beverage Services

Alcohol can be ordered to boardrooms and offices via the Cafe. Externally sourced beverages may be consumed in private offices.

There is no outside food or drink permitted in the first floor lounge. Please note that there is an exclusive in-house caterer for all event bookings.


Members may use East Room for small scale photoshoots, however all shoots must be approved 24 hours in advance by East Room personnel. Shoots larger than two people or requiring hair, makeup or wardrobe are considered larger in scale and must be formally booked through

Illegal Activity

Distribution and consumption of illegal substances is strictly prohibited in East Room. There is a zero tolerance policy for violent, discriminatory and/or abusive behaviours. Any member or guest of a member who willfully damages or steals other members property or East Room’s property will be prosecuted and the membership in question will be terminated.

Payment Policy

Members are responsible for settling any open balance acquired during their time at East Room. Members shall assume responsibility for open balances of their guests and authorize East Room to charge the credit card on file for any balances left unpaid. Members must maintain a valid form of payment on file with East Room. Outsourced services and products will be posted to the members’ account in addition to any unpaid charges.

Late membership payments will be subject to a fee of $50.00 plus HST per month past the due date.

Mail, Lost and Found

Members may receive personal letters and small packages to East Room’s address. It is the responsibility of the member to retrieve such mail at reception in a timely manner. Packages must be picked up no later than 48 hours following notice of delivery. Any mail that is left at reception will be returned to the sender after 30 days.

Any unclaimed personal items will be donated after 30 days.


Members are held to strict confidentiality standards regarding fellow members, guests and any events taking place at East Room. Any information acquired on site must be kept in confidence. Please respect the privacy of other individuals and events in the building and refrain from entering hired spaces.

Audio Levels

East Room members must be mindful and courteous in respect to noise levels. Members should take extensive calls, video calls and/or meetings in break out rooms. Any audio should be enjoyed with headphones. Breakout rooms are available at one hour intervals. Members are not permitted to use them for extended periods of time.

The SONOS system and DJ booth are available for use on weekends and after 6PM Monday through Friday.

General Housekeeping

The restrooms on the first floor are designated, while the second floor are unisex.
There is no smoking permitted in the building, on the south east loading dock, or within outside areas prohibited by law.
Pets are not permitted on site.

Please be respectful of the shared workspace by maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Please tidy areas that are not in use anymore so other members can access them. Any furniture moved must be put back in its original place prior to departure of the area being used. The fridges are deep cleaned on Sunday evenings and any food left from the week will be removed.

See here for Occupational Health and Safety Policy.